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Vanamo: Fine Dining Meets Café Culture



Vanamo, the latest addition to Bengaluru’s bustling Indiranagar, is where freshly made global food meets single-origin coffee. It’s the perfect spot for anyone who loves great food and coffee. Here, you don’t have to choose between quality food or drinks – you get the best of both! “Vanamo” is named after a rare flower from Finnish forests, symbolizing something unique and special. This reflects the exceptional experience you’ll have at Vanamo. With an ambiance inspired by rugged Nordic landscapes and raw, organic decor, Vanamo offers a fresh take on global cuisine and crafted Italian coffee. 

A Place to Explore and Enjoy

Vanamo can host up to 60 guests, offering spaces for private dining, a reading lounge, and cozy spots for couples and small groups. The stony, raw decor and organic touches create a welcoming atmosphere you’ll love.

Signature Dishes

Vanamo’s menu goes beyond the usual fare. Some standout dishes include:

  • Ciorba Radauteana: A hearty Romanian chicken broth with vegetables, sour cream, and hot peppers, served with toasted garlic bread.
  • Berries, Balsamic Chicken, Hazelnut: Balsamic grilled chicken or cottage cheese with berry sauce, citrus balsamic dressing, and candied hazelnuts.
  • Patatas Bravas: Double-cooked smashed and baked potatoes with spicy bell pepper bravas sauce and confit garlic and herb crème fraîche.
  • Roti Jala, Kari Debal, Rojak: Malaysian spicy devil’s curry chicken in light netted crepes, served with a fruit and vegetable salad in savory palm sugar dressing.
  • Korean Gochujang Bowl: Gochujang roasted cauliflower with bokkeumbap, kimchi slaw, sautéed mushroom, somtum, and soy garlic snow peas.

Signature Beverages

The drink menu is equally impressive:

  • Affogato: Espresso over luxurious vanilla gelato.
  • Colombian Supremo: Bold, smooth French-pressed Colombian coffee.
  • Ethiopian Elegance: Delicate floral notes in French-pressed Ethiopian coffee.
  • Hibiscus Basil Seed Iced Tea: Refreshing hibiscus iced tea with floral sophistication.
  • Vanamo Chocolate Frappuccino: Chilled espresso with decadent chocolate and vanilla scoops.

This Global Eats and Caffeinery is an innovative experience like no other. Come join them at 100 ft Road, Indiranagar and discover what makes Vanamo special!

A New Gem by the Suvaii Founders, Vanamo

Suvaii’s founders are adding another gem to their hospitality crown! After the success of Credfood’s Suvaii – The Pandayan Legacy, they’ve launched Vanamo, bringing a fresh, exciting dining experience to Bengaluru. Suvaii, located on Double Road in Indiranagar, combines traditional recipes with a health-conscious approach. By using fresh ingredients, Suvaii caters to both millennials and Gen-Z, blending the best of old and new. This winning formula set the stage for their next venture.

The Founders Behind Vanamo

  • Suman Naidu: The visionary behind these concepts.
  • Siddharth Renganathan: Ensuring smooth operations.
  • Rajiv John: Curating fantastic menus and vibes.

These three share a passion for great food and drink, and it shows in every detail of Vanamo. Suvaii and Vanamo are just the beginning. Next up are Tanjore Tiffins, a quick service restaurant offering South Indian dishes, and Navathanyam, a premium South Indian vegetarian restaurant. These ventures promise to bring fresh, innovative dining experiences to the city. 


6th Main Road. 100ft Road, Indiranagar. Next to Woodlands Showroom, Bangalore

Phone: +91 90364 33139
Average Price for Two: 1200

Timing: 11AM to 11PM


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